How to find Healthy Vegan Food while Travelling

I don’t think it’s any secret that eating healthy while travelling is difficult. Good food is more expensive than junk food in lots of places around the world and although the rise of plant based alternatives is growing rapidly, it’s still difficult to find in some countries. I'm super passionate about travelling and I've been... Continue Reading →

5 Plastic FREE items for Long Haul Flights

Travelling, although amazing, doesn't always go hand in hand with being eco friendly. Long haul flights especially can be difficult to avoid plastic and single use items. Recently however, I have discovered  some airlines (China Airlines!) using reusable hard plastic containers for food which is a great step forward. Until the time comes when airlines... Continue Reading →

What happened in 2018?

We started this year in Ireland where we witnessed the most beautiful snowstorm in the mountains. We came home to snow, I had laser eye surgery, started a YouTube channel then we packed up everything we owned and left the UK. We fell in love with the beauty of Singapore, the people of Bali, the... Continue Reading →

Wake Up in Sydney, Australia

We recently spent an amazing week in Sydney, it's now one of our favourite cities in the world (Francis' number two, behind London of course...). We stayed at Wake Up Sydney which is a huge hostel right in the centre of the city with SO much going on we really needed to have stayed longer... Continue Reading →

And that’s it… 🇳🇿

This road trip has been short and sweet but so glad we did it. Drove from Queenstown to Auckland in 5 days, saw some incredible views, stayed in some amazing places with so much soul. Feeling super grateful to be able to spend time in such a beautiful country. I love you New Zealand 💙... Continue Reading →

This place has so many memories.

This place 💛 We stayed at Rainbow Lodge in Taupō 2 years ago when we hiked the Tongariro crossing with new friends we met while travelling. Friends that became friends for life. We spent a few days here all together and we became like family. This lodge is more than a hostel, it’s a community... Continue Reading →

Wellington I love you

I found a living wall in Wellington! 🌿 I love this city, I think I could live here quite happily. We’ve loved coming back and staying at the YHA Wellington, the same hostel we spent Christmas in 2 years ago with a whole bunch of our travel friends. It holds so many memories. 💛 Thanks... Continue Reading →

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