Wake Up in Sydney, Australia

We recently spent an amazing week in Sydney, it's now one of our favourite cities in the world (Francis' number two, behind London of course...). We stayed at Wake Up Sydney which is a huge hostel right in the centre of the city with SO much going on we really needed to have stayed longer... Continue Reading →

Road trip!

The world is magical. Take a look around 🌎 We got the most amazing view when we headed up these mountains ⛰ We’ve just headed off on our mini NZ road trip! We’re super excited that we’re heading out on a mini road trip from Queenstown to Auckland over the next few days. Huge love... Continue Reading →

Travel lightroom presets!

I’m suuuuper excited to share my first set of lightroom presets with you guys!! They’re all a soft, washed kind of style, perfect for travel lifestyle photos. Swipe left to see some before/after shots. They’re on my website for less than $10 as a little first time price. Thank you for all your support I... Continue Reading →

We’re back 💙

It feels so good to be back here. We lived here for 3 months back in 2016. We had jobs, a flat, we’d built a whole life here. I cried for days when we left. We’d made the decision to go back to the UK to save our business but neither of us wanted to... Continue Reading →

Gratitude is a powerful thing.

Practice gratitude. It’s proven to be really effective in reducing negativity and increasing happiness. Today I’m grateful for the beauty of this world. What we can see, but also the beauty within the people who live here. We are all connected. . First thing in the morning and before you go to bed at night... Continue Reading →

Travel makes you richer

This place is something else 😍 travel makes me a more balanced, happier person. There's something about experiencing new places and meeting new people that seems to give me so much joy. The best thing about this blog is being able to share that joy with hundreds of beautifully likeminded people 💜

I’ve never seen beauty like it….

Woaahh!!! Today we went back to the same place we were caught in that snow storm yesterday. The weather had almost completely cleared up and the mountains were covered in beautiful fresh snow 😍 so of course we sent up the drone!! I love this little drone, it's potentially the best thing we've ever bought!... Continue Reading →

Got caught in a snow storm!! ❄️

Went on a Boxing Day walk in the mountains only to get caught in a snow storm! Check my story, it got really heavy really quickly! It’s so beautiful up in the mountains ❄️ also, Francis hit 10,000 subscribers on his YouTube channel this morning! So proud of him for working his ass off to... Continue Reading →

Christmas love ❄️

What a beautiful place to spend Christmas 😍 I feel a deep connection to this land that came from my beloved Irish family many of who have passed away over the years but here they’re all still with us. I feel so blessed to be sat here in a warm cosy house drinking mulled wine.... Continue Reading →

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