Road trip!

The world is magical. Take a look around 🌎 We got the most amazing view when we headed up these mountains ⛰ We’ve just headed off on our mini NZ road trip! We’re super excited that we’re heading out on a mini road trip from Queenstown to Auckland over the next few days. Huge love... Continue Reading →

DJI Mavic Air low light test…

It feels good to be back by the ocean. . This is a quick low light test from the Mavic Air. Taken RAW at ISO 1600 and then heavily upped the exposure in lightroom. Obviously quite a little on the grainy side but I’m pretty impressed with the quality of the image in that tiny... Continue Reading →

Francis crashed the drone…

Went for a morning fly on the beach and Francis crashed the drone... 🙄 so we’ve discovered that although the spark has sensors on the front and bottom of the drone, it doesn’t have any sensors at the back which means that flying backwards and getting a phone call at the same time don’t end... Continue Reading →

New adventures…!

The storm that’s been flooding and blowing trees over in the local area in the last few days passed eventually and we woke up to this perfectly still morning. Today was the first day in 3 weeks that I got out of bed at 7am. The sun doesn’t rise til about 9am here and I... Continue Reading →

Travel makes you richer

This place is something else 😍 travel makes me a more balanced, happier person. There's something about experiencing new places and meeting new people that seems to give me so much joy. The best thing about this blog is being able to share that joy with hundreds of beautifully likeminded people 💜

I’ve never seen beauty like it….

Woaahh!!! Today we went back to the same place we were caught in that snow storm yesterday. The weather had almost completely cleared up and the mountains were covered in beautiful fresh snow 😍 so of course we sent up the drone!! I love this little drone, it's potentially the best thing we've ever bought!... Continue Reading →

DJI Spark in Kerry, Ireland

Yes!! Having a drone in this part of Ireland is so fun!! I’m really learning how to fly it myself now, I used to let Francis fly it and I just take the pictures but I’m now controlling it all by myself 😇 we’ve got some killer footage and photos from today just around the... Continue Reading →

Absolute hero

This absolute hero jumped in the sea today. The sea isn’t warm in the summer in the UK, it’s bloody freezing at this time of year 😅 it’s actually scientifically proven that having a cold dip or cold shower is really good for your health. I went through a phase of having a cold shower... Continue Reading →

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