Does Sustainable Clothing Always Need To Be SO Expensive? (Review of Goose Studios)

For the last year I’ve been making a real conscious effort to buy less and buy better. I used to buy loads of second hand clothes and just purge my wardrobe every few months which was fun for a while but I always end up with too much stuff and clothes that just fall apart.... Continue Reading →

How to Choose Ethical and Sustainable Clothing Brands.

What should you consider when buying sustainable? Perhaps you’ve recently decided that you want to shop a little more consciously, choosing loose fruit and veg instead of in plastic packaging, buying sustainable products over cheap mass made ones. But what happens when it comes to clothes? Where do you find sustainable fashion items and how... Continue Reading →

Why there’s no money in saving the environment

The majority of people who fight for the environment and push for change, traditionally the 'hippies', never cared about money or they never had any. A lot of really rich people (one particular leader of a country comes to mind) just focus on making more money. They might see investing in sustainable businesses or projects not worth their precious cash.

Switch to Green Energy

I recently just posted on Instagram about the devastating Australian bush fires. It's easy for us feel helpless, especially if we're the other side of the world, and although we can definitely donate to charities helping the affected people and wildlife, we should also be turning our attention to stopping this happening EVER again. Climate... Continue Reading →

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