Does Sustainable Clothing Always Need To Be SO Expensive? (Review of Goose Studios)

For the last year I’ve been making a real conscious effort to buy less and buy better. I used to buy loads of second hand clothes and just purge my wardrobe every few months which was fun for a while but I always end up with too much stuff and clothes that just fall apart. So recently, I’ve been ordering only one or two items of clothes at a time from a sustainable brand and only keeping the items I really love. Goose Studios kindly gifted me two of their organic cotton t-shirts to try and man am I glad.

I actually went to school with Sam and Rich, the guys behind Goose Studios, and I’m super impressed with the awesome sustainable brand they’ve managed to build in the last few years. They are 100% GOTS certified organic cotton, PETA approved, plastic free packaged AND incredibly affordable. You can even protect 25 rainforest trees by signing up to their mailing list. 

I want to just take a moment to point out that when they say their stripes tees are stupidly soft, they most definitely aren’t lying. They are the kind of t-shirt you want to pop on after a cold dip in the ocean or to shove over a pair of leggings when you have to leave the house at 5am but still want to feel like you’re in your pjs. I also chose the awesome ‘Life’s a Beach’ tee in turquoise and still get compliments on it wherever I go. I almost feel like I’m not quite cool enough to wear a Goose Studios Tee (or call it a Tee) but when I put it on it’s so damn comfy I don’t even care. 

In my quest for finding sustainable clothing, I had come to the conclusion that I would have to pay quite a bit more for good quality but Goose Studios have managed to make their amazing clothing line super affordable, like £20-£25 for an organic cotton, super soft and super cool printed t-shirt. You don’t even have to compromise with these guys. 

So why are you still reading this? Goooo check out their online shop here >>

Thanks for reading! 

Peace x

(Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, these items were gifted in exchange for an honest blog review. I only agree this deal with brands I really believe in.)

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