You’ve been wearing the wrong shoes your entire life and you didn’t know. (Review of Wildling ‘Buzzard’ Barefoot Shoes)

Wait what? Who are you to tell me I’m wearing the wrong shoes? You don’t know my feet.

You’re right, I don’t. But if you’re anything like me you’ve been walking around for your entire adult life thinking that as long as shoes fit you they’re fine for your feet. Well you might be wrong. A German shoe company named Wildling recently sent me some of their ‘barefoot’ shoes to try and have since changed my whole view on shoes (and feet for that matter).

Let’s rewind a bit. You may well have heard of some other barefoot shoe brands and wondered what all the hype was about. Some of us are well aware that it’s good for you to walk around barefoot and it feels great in the summer but let’s be honest we do like a pair of slippers in the winter so chances are your feet hibernate for 6 months of the year, wrapped up in multiple pairs of socks and squeezed into those thick boots to keep them nice and toasty. Well what if I told you that in order to keep your feet warm you actually should be wearing less socks and bigger shoes?

According to Wildling, your feet keep warm by having space to move around. So by having shoes that allow your feet to move as if barefoot, you’re sending more blood flow down there to keep your toes warm. I suffer with bad circulation which means my hands and feet are almost always cold, especially in the winter, so I was super excited to try out a pair of Wildling‘s winter collection.

I have been wearing these shoes for over a month almost every day, partly because I wanted to write a good review but also actually because every time I put on any other shoes they just felt hard and uncomfortable. I did originally worry that the soles would be so thin that walking over uneven ground might be painful and although it does take some getting used to, it’s not bad at all. The part-rubber-part-recycled-cork soles are thin but dense enough to give your feet a good amount of padding. If you have any concerns about this I do recommend their insoles as well as a bit of extra comfort. I chose the ‘Buzzard‘ shoes as the organic wool upper is naturally water resistant and warm which means my feet have not once been wet or cold at all while wearing them, which is pretty incredible for me. If wool isn’t your thing, they use a wide variety of other materials including organic cotton and washi paper (whaaat!) which are both vegan.

I am incredibly impressed by the quality of these shoes and although learning to walk barefoot again may take some time, it is so so worth it. Thank you to Wildling shoes for teaching me so much and for all your help while I found my perfect pair! Try a pair out for yourself *>>

*If you are looking at ordering a pair, I highly recommend using their size finder as ideally you’ll want a pair that are a size or 2 bigger than what you are used to wearing to allow your toes to spread out. If in doubt, contact the customer services team, they are super helpful!

This blog post is sponsored by Wildling Shoes. Words and opinions are all my own, I will never recommend anything I don’t believe in and my reviews will always be completely honest.

Thank you for reading! Please let me know in the comments below if you have any questions about the shoes or anything I’ve written in this post.

Happy Walking! x

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