6 Sustainable Living Apps To Help You Live A Greener Lifestyle

Food sharing revolution! FREE food from people nearby who don’t need it or if you no longer need food (or products!), pop them on the app for someone else to collect. This is such a cute little community app and reduces a hell of a lot of food waste!

Vanilla Bean / Happy Cow
Both of these apps search nearby restaurants for vegan & vegetarian food. On Vanilla Bean you can also search for organic, fair trade or local ingredients, gluten free and raw. Happy Cow can also find bakeries, farms or shops selling vegan food. Most restaurants on both apps also have reviews so you can see what other people think of the food before you go!

An app for car pooling with trusted drivers! Everyone on the app has a profile and reviews (like Airbnb) so you can see who will be picking you up and their rating. Or, if you have a car and you’re looking to get a bit of money towards fuel costs on your commute AND reduce your carbon footprint, you can offer a ride to others. Such a great idea, I’ve only just discovered it but I’m definitely going to be using this app in the future.

Good on You
Rates clothing stores on their sustainability efforts. It even breaks down what efforts they have made and where they could do better, PLUS gives you discount codes for high rating brands.

Find places nearby that will offer you free tap water which means you never have to buy a bottle of water again! Just remember to bring your reusable water bottle!

A great fun app for younger people, you can gain points by doing good things. For example, bringing a reusable coffee cups earns you 5 points, carpooling gets your 10 points, etc. There are also challenges you can get involved in, it’s like a green social media!

I hope these apps will help you in your journey to live greener! I’d love to know if you try any of these and what you think of them! Comment below or find me on Instagram.

Peace x

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