10 of the best small sustainable businesses in the UK

It’s tempting for us to just head to the local supermarket or Amazon to buy things we need, because it’s so easy right? In this modern life we crave convenience over quality. Who wants to spend hours researching the best products and then going out to town to a shop, buying them there and bringing them all the way home. Eurgh, so much effort. But actually not only is the long way around more rewarding but also you can make better choices to support small local businesses!

Why support small businesses? I once saw a post on a small business’s Instagram which read ‘every time you buy something, a person behind a computer does a little happy dance.’ Firstly, it makes me feel good to make other people happy by just changing where I buy something. Also, you’ll usually find that small businesses make SUCH better quality products. Yeah Primark is cheaper but that t-shirt will wear out in a few weeks and you’ll have to buy a new one. Invest in quality from a little sustainable business and that t-shirt will last you years. If you head to a local market, chances are most of your food has come from a little farm down the road which means it hasn’t travelled thousands of miles from the other side of the world and quadrupled (or more) your carbon footprint before you’ve even got it home. There are literally mountains of reasons to support small, local businesses and since this is a sustainable living blog I want to share with you my favourite small sustainable businesses.

This amazingly cool little business based in Cornwall produces coffee cups out of recycled single use cups! I use mine pretty much every day and I absolutely love it. It’s leak proof and very affordable!

Lucy & Yak
Ok so I have to admit that I don’t own any clothes from Lucy & Yak but I am saving up for my first pair of dungarees because they are SO insanely cool. I’ve been following them on Instagram for a long time and love how transparent they are about they fabric, suppliers and workers.

Zero Habits
If you want to start reducing your plastic footprint but don’t know where to start, this online shop is a great one. They have a huge selection of great products such as soap bars, dental floss, bamboo cutlery, containers, laundry soap nuts and so much more. The bamboo spork I bought from this site a year or so ago is still going strong and is one of my most used sustainable items, I carry it everywhere with me to avoid plastic cutlery.

Goose Studios
This super cool small business based in Brighton is run by two guys I went to school with. They produce great quality stylish tees and totes all in organic cotton.

Team Tea
This company is very new to me but I love their ethos and the Ruby tea I’ve tried recently is super good. They also offer small tins so you can try a new tea without buying a huge box of it and all their packaging is sustainable.

Agnes LDN
I first came across this cute little business at a vegan festival in Oxford. They make amazing quality bags and pouches for shopping, making milk or carrying in your reusable cutlery. I bought a pretty little bento bag which is perfect for carrying lunch items to work in!

Woodlike Swimwear
This swimwear is created from recovered fishing nets and recycled material, how cool is that! They’re based in Germany and have been highly recommended by my friend Katt who gets to wear a bikini to work every day (lucky thing) so she really knows her sustainable swimwear.

Zero Waste Club
A one stop shop for all your plastic free grocery needs! I’ve bought some great items from this shop in the past and they’re always adding more and more products. From nutritional yeast to toothbrushes, everything is completely plastic free and very affordable!

Divine Gaia
Incredibly beautiful jewellery and crystal pieces created by a gorgeous couple. They often have an enchanting little stall at vegan festivals around the UK but they also have an Etsy shop. My little black tormaline necklace from them has given me so much joy already ❤

The Beeswax Wrap Co
I first bought some of these years ago and they have only just given up. The perfect reusable alternative to that nasty clingfilm and when you’re finished with them, they’re fully compostable.

BONUS: Ok, so this one isn’t UK based but I couldn’t write this blog without mentioning Love Stories Bali, a gorgeous little sustainable fashion brand who work hard to provide education to children in Bali. If you ever find yourself in Ubud, be sure to pop into their store to check them out.

Thanks for reading, please do feel free to check out the websites of these amazing small businesses. None of these links are affiliate nor am I sponsored by any business.

I’d also love to hear your favourite small sustainable businesses too! Comment below or find me on Instagram.

Peace x

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