What is life 🙄

So today is the first day of October. I completely failed at #yogagirlchallenge this last week. I’ve been working really hard and been ill at the same time. My cold seems to be developing into full on flu and what feels like the beginnings of an ear infection, I have a sore stomach and yesterday I burnt my finger on a cup of tea… I feel like I’m just all over the place. Trying to get better today dosing myself up on all sorts of herbal remedies and then the window blew open and the paper with all the info I need to photograph a wedding tomorrow just flew out the window. It literally sounds like I just made that up. I’ve been running around the street like a crazy trying to find it. Negativity attracts negativity, it’s so true. The law of attraction is consistent that’s for sure. Jeeez what is life 🙄

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